Your language trainer

teachers2Who am I?
“I would like to introduce myself. I am Monique Hoogendorp and I have worked as a qualified language trainer since 1999. I teach Dutch as a foreign language both 1-to-1 and to groups. My university background is a Master’s degree in Literature.”

What’s the best Building Block level for you?
“Whether you are a complete beginner or whether you are more advanced in Dutch, we will find the right starting block for you.”

How will you learn Dutch?
“During the Dutch lessons, I will not only use textbooks, grammar lessons and formal teaching but we will also work with audio and video materials. Moreover, I enjoy discussing Dutch current affairs, culture, history, politics, music and literature with my students.”

“I know what it’s like to live in a foreign country and to learn a new language. I had a similar experience while learning French in Paris. I learnt a lot just by talking about general and specific topics such as culture in my poor French.”

“This is why I will encourage you to try and speak Dutch – right from the first class onwards. This will improve your Dutch communication skills very quickly. And what’s more, you will learn how to speak rather than just to write and read in Dutch.”

“You will notice that even after the first block you will be more at ease with the people around you, your clients, colleagues, family and friends (if you can convince them NOT to speak English to you!).”

Where are you located?
“We are located in the historic city of Delft. This has several advantages for you as it is close to where you live or work. The city center is wonderful to visit. And finally it is very convenient for motorways and public transport.”