Building Block 2

This Building Block consists of two courses. One course consists of 10 classes of 1.5 hours each, adding up to 15 hours of teaching per course.

Aim of this Building Block
Building Block 2 continues where Building Block 1 finishes, at level A1. During this Building Block, we will focus on both the present and the past tense, learning new words and ways of expressing yourself and improving your grammar. You will learn how to express yourself adequately in familiar, everyday situations and understand simple texts.
Building Block 2 includes all language skills: speaking, practising grammar, listening, writing and reading.
The topics covered in the reading, writing, speaking and listening components are for example bicycles, Dutch birthdays and celebrations, public transport, helpdesk situations and paying visits to the cinema, the doctor and a police station.
We also use extra material from Dutch newspapers and listen to brief radio broadcasts.

Prior knowledge
This Building Block is for students who have completed Building Block 1 at level A1.

Building Block level
By the end of this Building Block, you will be able to reach level A2, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages). When you have reached level A2, you will be able to understand conversations about everyday topics and you will also be able to talk about those topics using basic vocabulary and a simple, specific style of presentation. Your pronunciation will be good enough to allow you to speak clearly.
You will be able to read textbooks and similar texts about topics related to everyday life.
You will also be able to write about topics addressed in the courses and express thoughts and opinions using simple language. The main rules of Dutch grammar will also be familiar as they are covered in this Building Block.

Teaching method
Teaching is mainly done in Dutch and focuses on oral communication. We start with practical situations working in pairs and with the entire group. You will actively take part in class and practise the Dutch language in everyday situations.  We work with simple dialogues integrating grammar and vocabulary.
Your homework consists of reading short texts, doing vocabulary exercises and writing exercises.

Building Block material
The textbook we work with is: Nederlands in gang. Authors: B. De Boer, M. Van der Kamp and B. Lijmbach, published by Coutinho.