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boek2Both in group courses and 1-to-1 courses we focus on your language needs and goals by writing, reading, listening and speaking. The lessons are very interactive with role-playing exercises, conversations and discussions in Dutch.

If you take part in a group there will be more interaction. You will then also learn from other course participants. If you opt for a 1-to-1 course you will learn faster as the course focuses only on your needs and goals.

At Dutch In Building Blocks you will improve your Dutch language skills in a safe and friendly environment. This will give you the confidence to speak Dutch in everyday situations.

Your Level
Before taking a course, you will have a 30-minute intake interview with the language trainer to determine your current level of Dutch. During this interview we will also discuss your learning goals and any specific questions you may have.

Who are my participants?
Dutch In Building Blocks works with qualified and experienced language trainers. We specialise in teaching non-native speakers of Dutch with a higher education background.

Untitled-1Course Information
Dutch In Building Blocks provides Dutch language courses at 6 different levels we call “Building Blocks”; from absolute beginners to more advanced speakers of Dutch. Located in the historic city of Delft, we are able to offer you the educational aspect combined with the cultural aspect of learning a foreign language.

We offer six different Building Blocks. Each Building Block consists of two courses. One course consists of 10 classes of 1.5 hours each, adding up to 15 hours of teaching. This means that one complete Building Block, consisting of two courses, adds up to 30 hours in class. This is how studying and improving your Dutch language skills works at our company Dutch In Building Blocks.
Once you have completed both courses, you will be ready to move up a level and take the next Building Block.

Enrolment form
Please fill in the enrolment form to enrol for your Dutch course at Dutch In Building Blocks.
Group courses will start once a sufficient number of people have enrolled.

General Conditions
Read about the general conditions here.

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