Building Block 3

This Building Block consists of two courses. One course consists of 10 classes of 1.5 hours each, adding up to 15 hours of teaching per course.

Aim of this Building Block
In Building Block 3 you will rapidly expand your vocabulary and improve your Dutch language skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. We will repeat the grammar you have been taught before at a more advanced level. The use of expressions will also be introduced so you can become even more fluent.
Each chapter of the textbook is dedicated to a specific theme. This theme also forms the main focus of the reading texts and the discussions during this Building Block. Students will be able to confidently engage in conversations in Dutch and write about various topics covered in class.
The topics covered in the reading, writing, speaking and listening components are for example how to spend your spare time, travelling and discussing about jobs and the Dutch education system.
You will give small presentations and have discussions so you can actively put your Dutch knowledge into practice.

Prior knowledge
This Building Block is for students who have completed Building Block 2 at level A2.

Building Block level
By the end of Building Block 3 you will be able to reach level B1.1, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages). When you have reached level B1.1, you will be able to understand oral presentations on the topics covered in class and authentic texts.
You will also be able to talk about these topics and express yourself clearly in Dutch in everyday situations: taking the initiative when using the language and expressing your own opinions about specific topics.
This Building Block also helps you to prepare for the Dutch as a second language State Examination Program I, CERF level B1. This official examination is necessary if you wish to study a vocational education program (MBO level 3 or 4) or if you are obligated to integrate. For specific information

Teaching method
Teaching is done in Dutch and focuses especially on oral communication. We start with practical situations and you will work in teams of 2 and with the entire group. You will actively take part in class and practise the Dutch language in everyday situations. We work with dialogues integrating grammar and vocabulary.
Your homework consists of reading texts about current affairs, doing grammar exercises, describing experiences and events and also preparing small presentations about familiar topics.

Building Block material
The textbook we work with is: Nederlands in actie. Authors B. De Boer, M. Van der Kamp and B. Lijmbach, published by Coutinho.
We also use extra material from the Dutch News, Dutch television programmes and articles from the Dutch newspapers and magazines.